Code of Conduct

McKinney Public Library System Code of Conduct
The McKinney Public Library System Code of Conduct is for the comfort and protection of those using and working in the Library.
  1. All persons using the library facility or services must act in a manner that does not interfere with the rights of others in their use and enjoyment of library services, or the library staff’s ability to provide services.
  2. Ensure children under the age of 12 have responsible adult supervision at all times.
  3. Be responsible when consuming food and drinks in the library and be mindful of litter and potential damage to library property.
  4. Remember to be mindful of all personal items, as the library staff cannot accept responsibility for your possessions.
  5. Remain alert to your surroundings.
  6. If you must use a cellphone, be respectful of other library users and keep the volume and duration of any call to a minimum.
  7. Bring only service animals into the library.
  8. When listening to music or other electronic devices, be respectful of other library users and keep the volume at a level only you can hear.
  9. Park your bicycle, scooter, etc. at the designated location outside, carry your skateboard and retract the wheels of your skate shoes.
  10. Keep walkways clear and leave furniture where it is placed.
  11. Treat library materials, equipment and facilities gently and appropriately.
  12. Note that solicitations, petitions, flyers, and marketing surveys are not permitted.
  13. Remember to dress appropriately for the public space.
  14. Consumption of alcohol and use of tobacco products are prohibited.
Those violating rules will be asked to stop such actions. If the behavior continues, they will be directed to leave the library for the day. Subsequent offenses may result in the individual being barred from the Library. Staff reserves the right to inspect the contents of bags if the security alarm sounds when a patron is exiting the building.
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